The sun always rises in the morning

Ask away fellow earthlings!   im an honest and laid back person. just on here to release my thoughts to some strangers.



Meet Clyde…

I don’t know what I was expecting

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sometimes I let my dog sleep on my bed and sometimes when I try to go to sleep i open my eyes and she’s just smiling at me like the biggest fuckin idiot, like I’m the best thing since sliced bread, and god I just really love my dog


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Abandoned dog that lived under a dumpster for 11 months is rescued and adopted [x]

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I wish i could make you into a coat, but a living coat not a dead coat

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"If shit happens, shit happens. Your reaction is your choice and the only choice you’ve got. If I had to pick? Laughter over pain any day."
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bless them for letting baby girl keep her heritage

I peep them braids and that dress

I was just thinking this. She actually takes the children back to visit their family in their home country and they study about their own cultures. She isn’t one of those white people trying to assimilate her non-white children. 

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"Ollie finally grew into his bow tie." -taylor1021

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Jardins des Tuileries, Paris  | via proteos

Jardins des Tuileries, Paris  | via proteos

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